Chen Yidan Foundation strives for the diversification of education ecosystem, in further concerted contribution to the achievement of sustainable development.

Chen Yidan Foundation’s focus on non-profit education is closely related to its founder Mr. Chen Yidan’s upbringing and in-depth thinking about education. His grandmother’s strong belief in the value of education allowed him to feel the power education and goodness at a young age. His later experiences in studies and entrepreneurship allowed him to deeply aware that education was the starting point for individuals to enrich their lives and build a happy life. Education should not be separated from people, and each individual contains all kinds of unknown possibilities, and thus education should be people-oriented to unleash infinite possibilities. Besides, education is also an important cornerstone for the inheritance and innovation of social civilization. Social progress ultimately depends on education.

Chen Yidan Foundation strives for the diversification of education ecosystem. We actively promote education research, explore research topics that contain both insight and foresight. With the principle of exploring the essence of education and seeing the future of education in a long-term view, we provide effective guidance for educational development based on solid research results. The goal is to ensure the education can move on in a steady pace. At the same time, we are pragmatically exploring educational innovation and promoting the “family-school-society” trinity collaborative cultivation project. With educators as the main body of innovation and sustainable practices, we will collaborate and build a healthy ecosystem where education is more flexible and resilient, so as to cope with the uncertain future and make concerted contribution to global sustainable development.